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Godox AD-S7 multi-functional softbox

The Godox multi-functional AD-S7 is compatible with Godox’s popular AD200 pocket flash. This light modifier can be used as either a sofbox or beauty-dish, giving you a few creative options on how you want to craft the light. Furthermore, the AD-S7 is incredibly lightweight and easy to assemble — making it the ideal tag-team partner for your AD200 pocket flash.

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  • 47cm folding light modifier for Godox AD200
  • Folds/unfolds like an umbrella
  • Can be used as either beauty dish or octabox
  • Octabox: Product soft, even quality of light
  • Beauty Dish: Slightly harsher quality of light
  • Honeycomb grid: Concentrates the beam of light, reducing light spillage
  • Reflector disc for beauty dish can be removed
  • Total weight (without light): 560g

Package Includes

1 x  Godox AD-S7 Multi-functional Softbox
1 x  Silver Aluminum Disc with 3/8″ Thread
1 x  Diffusion Cover for Softbox
1 x  Honeycomb Cover with Velcro
1 x  Carry Pouch

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