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Jenova PRO.J 25Kg Capacity Hexagon Leg Aluminium Tripod with Reversable Spike Feet-35680BK


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Elevate your photography game with the Jenova PRO.J Professional Hexagonal Leg Heavy Duty Aluminium Tripod 35680BK – your trusted companion for capturing exceptional moments with precision and style. Best in its class with extreme stability due to large diameter Hexagonal shaped legs. This tripod will ensure super sharp photos for all shutter speeds, an essential piece of gear for all photographers; Amateurs, Enthusiasts and Professionals alike. A photography accessory that sets a new standard for stability, durability, and precision in the field. With a remarkable 25 kg capacity and a range of outstanding features, this tripod is the epitome of excellence in its class.


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Jenova PRO.J 25Kg Capacity Hexagon Leg Aluminium Tripod with Reversable Spike Feet-35680BK 25 Kg Capacity & six year warranty for this super stable hexagonal leg tripod – includes quality padded carry bag with shoulder sling

Key Features:
Hexagonal Leg Design:
The large diameter hexagonal-shaped legs offer extreme stability, giving you the confidence to capture perfect shots.

Rubber Feet:
Tripod rubber feet provide excellent grip and stability on smooth or slippery surfaces, such as indoor floors or polished outdoor spaces. The rubber prevents slipping, ensuring a secure position for your camera.

Embedded Steel Spikes:
Reversible embedded steel spikes, when exposed, offer outstanding traction on uneven or soft surfaces like gravel, grass, or dirt. The spikes dig into the ground, providing stability and preventing the tripod from shifting or sinking.

Anti-Slip Barrel and Rapid Locking System:
Equipped with a patented anti-slip barrel and a rapid locking system for the camera quick release plate, ensuring a secure grip and efficient setup.

Universal Thread Compatibility:
The tripod features a standard universal 1/4″ thread for the camera mounting plate and 3/8″ for the ball head, providing versatility for your gear.
Enjoy peace of mind with a 6-Year local South African Warranty, a testament to the confidence we have in the durability and performance of our product.

Smooth Operation Ball Head:
The tripod includes a well-engineered ball head with smooth operation and fine-tuning dials, making framing your shots a breeze.

Twist Leg Locks:
The twist leg locks allow you to tighten or loosen all four leg sections simultaneously, saving precious time, especially when speed is critical.

Exceptional Flexibility:
Achieve excellent flexibility for macro shots with a 180-degree leg movement, enhancing your photography experience.

Sturdy and Lightweight:
Despite its sturdiness, the tripod is remarkably light at 1.98 kg, making it easy to carry and handle during your photography sessions.

Bag Hook and Camera Bag:
Enhancing stability further: Over and above the Hegonal shaped legs that provides super stability, the tripod comes with a bag hook, that can increase stability to a vey high level.
Additionally, a high-quality padded shoulder sling bag is provided for convenient storage and transportation.

Material: Aluminium
Patented anti-slip barrel and rapid locking system for camera quick release plate
Standard Universal 1/4″ thread for camera mounting plate and 3/8″ for the ball head
Ball Head Ball Diameter: 32mm
Quality, well-engineered ball head with the smooth fluid-like operation and fine-tuning dials to frame your shot with ease.
Twist leg locks to tighten or loosen all 4 leg sections simultaneously once when fully retracted to save time when speed is critical.
Precision Engineering; Hexagonal Tube Design
A number of leg sections: 4.

  • Excellent flexibility for Macro shots due to 180 deg leg movement.
  • Very sturdy – bag hook for more stability.
  • Maximum Height: 1750mm
  • Folded Height: 485mm
  • Max/Min leg diameter: 28mm/19mm.
  • Weight: 1,98 kg – extremely light for the extensive sturdiness that it provides
  • Capacity: 25 kg.
  • Symmetrical rapid lock camera mount.
  • Camera bag hook for additional stability.
  • High quality padded bag with shoulder sling

What’s in the box
1x 25kg Capacity Tripod
1x Padded Carry Bag
1x Camera Mount

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Material: Aluminium
Number of Leg Sections: 4
Ball Head Ball Diameter: 32mm
Maximum Height: 1750mm
Folded Height: 485mm
Maximum Leg Diameter: 28mm
Minimum Leg Diameter: 19mm
Weight: 1.98 kg
Capacity: 25 kg

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